Howdy Guyz, My Name is

Umaru Hassan


But you can call me Umar payne 

I Design Products and Services that blend tech and art and focus on the quality of the user experience and solve problems 

Lets Get Serious here.

I am a Web Developer & Experience Creative Designer with vast experience in the fields of Design, Digital Art and Digital Strategy.

What a man does for work, play and what he thinks when he is doing either work or play are three methods of describing a man. My aim for this write up is to make this three methods clear in a way that makes you know me and makes you keep coming back. I believe I have convinced you that I am interesting and worth your time. I will do all that in the amount of time it takes for you to finish drinking a cup of tea! Or are you a coffee person?

I am an Entrepreneur. You can tell how serious that is by the way it is attached to my name. I use cutting edge technologies and art in solving everyday problems for individuals/clients and businesses, my favorite part is to help create and build businesses.  I consider moments of engagements, rigid communication or touch points between people and brands. Well in simple terms I design creative for brands, clients and businesses, Develop websites/Mobile Apps for their online presence and I shoot people, nature and sometimes things that are fascinating because of my deep passion for photography. 

Let me take you on a trip down memory lane, I took interest on computer in 2006, and I was hook, I spent quite a lot of time in front of the computer screen, it was when graduated from High School, I open my first email which I still use till date, after graduation from the University in 2013 I picked up Graphics Designs, learned to use a lot of software and started leaning towards Web & App design/Development, Digital Marketing.

Over the past years, I have worked with various high-profile clients as a Media Consultant, Art Director, Digital Marketer and Creative Director because of my artistic taste and penchant for details, structure and management. I also added Visual Effects in 2015 and had the opportunity to work in an online radio station and a media production company Black Carpet Production. In 2017, I leaned heavily towards Web Development and Mobile App Development, devoting my work full-time to Web Studio

All these time, I have tried to stay true to my creative inclinations as an entrepreneur by always working to create businesses and firms, which I have begun already.  Some of them are: Web Studio (Digital Agency) Stylez Studioz (Media Production Firm) Console (An online video game shop)

Skills &


Web & App Dev.

Website & Web App Development using state-of the-art Tech and Creative Design for best performance and User Experience



Animated explainer videos include custom graphics and animation,2D/3D animations for Video Ads.



Design, Develop and Launch Android Market, Amazon Store, iPhone, iPad and iOS Apps!



Brand Design & Identity, Graphic Design and Illustration, Infographics and User Interface and Experience Design

Digital Skills

My Awesome Team

Victor A.
Web Developer
Laura Gonzalez
UI/UX Designer
Richard Weiner
Full Stack Dev.
Nolan Arclord
Voice Artist
Kate Moss
Graphics Designer
Moral Support

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